Originally Osu Host Club

Are you ready to enter a place that will excite every one of your senses to the fullest?
Devil's Ambrosia is unlike anything you've ever seen. A place completely focused on BDSM, where desires come true and inhibitions magically disappear... or with the right glass of drink. We offer a unique experience, with drinks that can have a strong effect on you if you don't choose carefully, so always ask our bartenders what they can cause before taking a sip. We also have a Casino, Escorts and Dancers very well trained in the art of BDSM and even an area where you can be more... at ease ♡
Keep in mind that Devil's Ambrosia is a +18 venue, and that you immediately agree to be beyond that age range when walking into our sinful territory.

Famfrit | Lavender Beds | Ward 7, Plot 33 (Dappled Stalls Subdivision)
Sun / Tues 9pm-12am EST

Escort Manager

Head Bartender

░▒▓█►─═ E̢̢̻ͮͧͦ͋͞͡s̨̞̞̰͎͎̪̩͕̈́̀ͯ̍ͧͅc̨̨̣̮̝̈́̔ͯ̀͂o͙͙̙̘̙ͤͫ͞ṛ̣̬̫̍͌ͩ͟t͖͖̠̬͛s̨̞̞̰͎͎̪̩͕̈́̀ͯ̍ͧͅ ═─◄█▓▒░

Escort / Dancer

Escort / Dancer

Escort / Dancer

Escort / Dancer & Greeter

Escort / Dancer & Photographer

░▒▓█►─═ S̢̼̼͖̺͖ͪF̼̼͓̙ͤ̋̅̚͞͞W̧̤̤͇̣̥͂͐ S̢̼̼͖̺͖ͪt͖͖̠̬͛a͔͔̜̦ͩ̅̎f̰̰̯͕͊̃̊͞͞͞f̰̰̯͕͊̃̊͞͞͞ ═─◄█▓▒░

Bartender & Bouncer

Bartender & Greeter


Dancer & Bouncer

Not all staff are available for every service.
Yellow "Looking to Meld" represent our NSFW Employees.
Green "Looking for Party" represent our SFW Employees.


  • All Hosting services are conducted in Party chat.

  • VIP services are paid by the half-hour.

  • If a staff member becomes uncomfortable they are free to stop at anytime and end the session early.

  • The payment of a VIP service is non-refundable and paid upfront.

  • The VIP lounge is now open to be rented out without services if you and/or your group wish to hang out there!

  • __Safe words for services: __

  • Green Ok to keep going.

  • Yellow Pause the session.

  • Red Stop what you are doing.

NSFW Services
300,000 gil / 30min
SFW Services
150,000 gil / 30min
Bar Buyout
3 Million for all food and drink items to be free for the rest of the night for everyone! Every hour that passes if the bar isn't bought out 1 million taken off! You will also get a shout and one free SFW service from any of our hosts for the night!
Gpose Photos
500,000 gil for a single person (5 Photos included)
1,000,000 Gil for couples (5 Photos included)
2,000,000 Gil for 3+ people (4 Photos included)
(Photos can be NSFW or SFW)
VIP Section
200,000 gil a night to be seated in our caged VIP section with free drinks for the night.
The Devil's Room
This is a NSFW private VIP room where clothes are forbidden. Explore your sexual fantasies with this room where open NSFW and SFW RP is encouraged and allowed. You will also have a personal bartender with free drinks whenever you enter this room. This package also comes with a free 30min NSFW session with an escort of your choice if you so wish~ This package is 400,000 a night.
Dominants Hand
One Spank. One ass of Payer’s choice. One wonderful slap on the ass by our top Dom, Echo Redflame. It’s as easy as Spank-2-3. Dominant's Hand brings you the smoothest and firmest slap this side of the Eorzea. For only 25,000 gil your ass will feel like you’ve just been blasted.
Monthly VIP Package
This will give you VIP for an entire month which includes free seating in our VIP section as well as free drinks on us. This package is 1,600,000 gil
Yearly VIP Package
Go all out with this package! You will be treated as our most valued guest by allowing unlimited seating in our VIP areas (both the cage and devil's room), a free companionship service for as long as you want, free drinks, and you can also bring a plus one! This package is good for an entire year! it is 18,000,000 gil.

By entering the club, you are automatically agreeing to the rules below.

  • Show respect to the staff. If any report comes from a staff member, or if any comments/actions are made that makes the staff uncomfortable, you will be sent a tell addressing the issue so it does not happen again. There will be no second warning. If another report is made, or another comment/action is witnessed, you will need to leave the venue.

  • Respect the other guests in the venue. People come to the venue to mingle and interact with others. Do not encroach on their enjoyment of the venue.

  • VIP services are offered by some of our staff. Please read their info from the Staff section to know who offers what services.

  • DO NOT TRY AND CONVINCE SOMEONE THAT DOES NOT OFFER SERVICES TO PROVIDE ONE. If this behavior is reported, it is an immediate blacklist to our venue.

  • If you purchase a VIP service from a staff member, you can utilize our VIP area upstairs and/or a private chamber. However, you will need to be escorted by the host providing the service to gain access.

  • If you wish to stream inside the venue on any platform, please be sure to ask one of our staff for permission first. Also, please cover the chat box in the stream. This is against TOS on both Twitch and Final Fantasy. Thank you.

  • Although clothing is now optional during devil's hour, all lalafell guests must remain clothed. We also have a strict no-erp with lala's so if you are seeking that, please look elsewhere.

  • safewords are green, yellow, and red. Please look in our services tab for more info.

  • If any guests are harassing you, you may speak with the bartender and ask for an "angel shot" Please provide the users name and the bartender will alert the bouncers. We want everyone to be safe here.

Have fun and chat with others! We are happy to have you all and hope you can meet some new friends at The Devil's Ambrosia!


Mod Usage: Yes
Anamesis/CMTools Usage: Yes

Description: The owner of the club who also dabbles in gposes. Feel free to request some photo services from him~

venues that we endorse and work together with.

The Dark Morbol

A 17+ underground dance club where the music is booming and the drinks and food are amazing! A fun place to hang out with friends and just dance the night away.

Time: Daily 10pm - 12am EST
Location: Ultros | The Goblet | Ward 18 | Plot 30

Carbuncle & The Frog

The Carbuncle & The Frog is a Non-ERP upstart jazz club. We have discord and a focus on easy RP and bard performances, come visit for a date night and dance the night away or get on our stage and show the crowd your music skills.

Time: Wed 8PM - 11PM EST
Location: Ultros | Lavender Beds | Ward 20 | Plot 26

hells kitchen

Hell's Kitchen is a fine dining venue made by the best chef. A great place to roleplay!

Time: Sat 9pm - 11pm EST
Location: Ultros | The Goblet | Ward 12 | Plot 30


Run by pirates, made for you!
Come make a night evaporate in our modern industrial club featuring cold drinks, good company, and hot dancers!

Time: Sun 10pm - 1am EST
Location: Hyperion | Mist | Ward 10 | Plot 4

Serenity Bathhouse and lounge Nightclub

Welcome to tranquility and relaxation

Time: Fri 10pm - 1am EST
Location: Famfrit | Lavender Beds | Ward 19 | Plot 1

Pink Miqo Nightclub

Time: Tuesday 9pm-3am est.
Location: Behemoth | Lavender Beds | W5 | P36


Welcome to Nightbloom, a long forgotten shrine to the lunar goddess Tsukuyomi. The radiance of her celestial majesty shines down upon these halls, bathing those who follow her will in a blessed light. Yet her whims are fickle, her divine radiance knows both pleasure and torment. Those who dare to deny her brilliance will find their world eclipsed in a torrent of carnal bloodlust, doomed to experience the agony of her loving embrace.

Time: Sun and Thurs 9pm-12am est.
Location: Crystal | Goblin | Lavender Beds| Ward 6 | Plot 58

Echo Redflame

Nightclub Founder | He/Him (sometimes She/her) | Multi-Races (Has the ability to change bodies) | pansexual (Male leaning) | Dominant (Willing to switch depending on partner) | Vip services: SFW & NSFW

Limits: Scat, bodily fluids, waterboarding.

Echo is an incubus who was born in the void and grew up in a small village on the outskirts of Othard with little to no knowledge on the outside world. Echo's father was the vilage chief who strictly trained Echo on how to become his successor. Echo learned the ways of the lance at a young age and would go out to protect his home with the rest of the village men from various beasts or bandits. This peace did not last however when his village was attacked one night by the imperial army. During the struggle of fighting back against the guards, Echo was captured and forced into a facility where he was tortured and experimented on for three years before being saved by warrior of light sister, Aiko. Once freed from his chains, he learned how to survive with the constant reminders of the experiments that were done to him and caused him many different abilities that made him lose his humanity more times than he can count. He decided to open up this venue in hopes to connect with more people and learn how to keep his sanity in check.

Ignoble Fugu

Nickname(s): Fugu

Dancer | She/Her | Pansexual | Miqo'te/Keeper of the Sun | Vip services: SFW

Fugu is a savage raider who spends her off time relaxing and going to clubs. She loves both sexy and edgy glams the most, and certainly appreciates anything lewd. Friendly to everyone and loves of being funny and sarcastic. It's my first time working for a club and I'm excited to work with everyone!

Rhuzaru Osfalo

Nickname(s): Rhu, Rhuz, Zaru

Bartender | He/Him | Gay | Viera | Vip services: SFW

Rhu is a femme Veena boy with long legs and big rear he has no business having with his slender frame. His soft, sweet and shy demeanor often hides a more subservient nature that boarders on masochistic.Leaving his home at a young age, he is also curiously ignorant to the many customs of Eorzea, but enjoys venturing out to meet new people while keeping his own past sealed in secret.His freckled face will always greet you with a kind smile as he is eager to please in any way he can.

Bun Yaki

~Nickname(s): Yaki, Bun ~

Escort/Dancer | She/Her | Bisexual | Aura Raen | Vip services: NSFW & SFW | Submissive

Limits: Bodily fluids

Yaki, although usually timid and shy...has found a love for adventuring, which soon led to her finding her even greater passion...escorting. It started off with dancing, but she soon wanted more...so she fell to her lustful desires. Although it's not a secret, "Buns" gotta breed, and this one's quite obedient~♡

Karma Mama

~Nickname(s): Karma

Escort/Dancer | She/Her They/Them | Bisexual | Fem Roe | Vip services: SFW & NSFW | Switch (dominant lean)

Limits: Water Sports, Scat, Lalafell and Non-Con

Karma comes from the galaxies of Ultima Thule, although almost alien-like, she came to Eorzea with dreams of being the best companion. She started off firstly dancing for people in the streets of Ul'dah and then finding purpose in both dancing and providing (very close) company to it's inhabitants. Although she's fiery and devlish, she has a kind heart and will do what she can to please those who need her services. Though with that being said, although she has a kind heart, it's best not to challenge her, she might bite back. ♥

Ren Nishimura

Nickname(s): Karasu

Greeter | he/him | Gay | Viera Veena | Vip services: SFW

Ren was ostracized from his village for his choice of profession to be a bard instead of a warrior and for his sexuality for which his village still had very outdated views. As such he left his village and decided to explore Eorzea as a wandering bard making money doing the odd jobs until a friend introduced him to Devil's Ambrosia where he now spends his nights as a greeter in order to pay his traveling experiences.

Elix Bievanc

Floater | He/Him | Gay | Duskwight Elezen | Vip services: SFW

"I'm the nice one. It's my husband you've got to watch out for."

Taki Kazanari

Dancer/Escort | She/Her | Bisexual | Miqo | Vip services: sfw & nsfw | Switch

Limits/Not willing to do: I don't want you fluids, Lalafell and Non-Con

Taki washed up on a shore one day, their only belongings being the bunny tights they washed up with and a burning desire to dance. Upon a doctors visit it was confirmed that the burning was indeed just a desire to dance, and nothing else. Taki being an industrious and self assured sort, burst into Devils Ambrosia one fateful night, and demanded they let them dance. No one actually told them okay, but there has been a lot of difficulty coaxing them down from the stage where they have remained since.

Caspian Lycanthris

Nickname(s): Cas

Escort | He/him | Pan, though prefers effeminate partners | Viera | Vip services: sfw & nsfw | Top/Dom

Limits: Nonsexual Fluids, Lalas, Cheating play, anything labeled No of F-List

Caspian is a Worldhopper much like his lovely girlfriend Lilly (Don't worry, they're both poly), though he unfortunately ended up stuck in the wilds of Othard when he emerged onto Hydaelyn. It took quite a while for Lilly to even learn he had been dispatched with her to this world, and thus she has only recently dragged him back to Eorzea. Caspian is an absolute gentleman, at least in public. He's polite, well-mannered, and always knows just what to say to calm tempers or smooth over arguments; he's someone you wouldn't think twice about introducing to your parents. In the bedroom though, he can be quite the demanding Dom, loving very rough, feral play with his submissives. He'll tie you up, call you a whore, and knot you til you can't think or walk straight if you ask He's capable of gentler domination too, of course, if that's more your speed.

Sunlia Koshkin

Nickname(s): Suni

Dancer/Escort manager | She/Her | Lesbian (but Gil is Gil) | Miqo'te/Keeper of the Moon | Vip services: sfw & nsfw | Switch

Little is known about about Sunlia past if that is even her real name, she didn’t really talk about it, but when she does the story seems to always change, One story she is known for telling people is that she was born and raised in Gridania along with her siblings to a worthy Miqo’te Family that made their living selling some of the best furs knew to the area. Another Story is that She was born poor deep in The Black Shroud, her family just simple farmers and hunters just trying to just make it one day at a time while Sunila dreamed of the higher things in life. Whatever her past might be you can see that she is definitely a woman that wants the finer things and people in life.The only things that seems to be true about her life is that she is an adventurer and can be seen using the dark arts, Even though looking at her she might give off a stuck up bourgeoisie attitude she is actually pretty kind to everyone of any class. She just started working at Devil's Ambrosia as her side job making gil as an adventure isn’t going to cut it for a woman of high class such as herself so come and have a drink and a “stimulating” convention with her you’ll never forget!

Rein Nightingale

Dancer/Bouncer | He/him | Straight | Rava Viera | Vip services: sfw

"Thought I’d come have some fun, So you should come chat~."

Anicla Dimitrescu

Nickname(s): Ani, Lady D

Dancer & Escort | She/her | Bisexual with a pansexual lean, open to discussion | roegadyn/shewolf | VIP services: SFW & NSFW | Switch

Limits: Noncon and age-play.

Anicla is a dancer by trade and her nimble reflexes also help her to be relatively proficient with a sword. Though she was blessed with quick wit and a sly tongue, she has an inherent knack for getting herself into trouble during her adventures. In her most unfortunate turn of luck to date, the woman was cursed by a wolf spirit during a field exploration. Not fully understanding the details of the enchantment and having very little history accompanying the tome that cursed her, she has now sought for a handful of years on how to unbind the spell. The wolf’s possession has come with a few positive trade-offs including her altered ears, heightened senses, and an increase in height. On the downside, Ani has some new and rather unpredictable urges to keep in check. She is still very much in the process of adjusting to her new 'assets'. Oh, and one last detail, you never want to make the mistake of getting her riled up on a full moon.

Sarrah Wright

Nickname(s): Sarrah

Co owner| she/her, they/them | bisexual | Viera ,Succubus | VIP services: SFW & NSFW | switch (sub leaning)

Limits: fluid play, lalafell (nsfw)

Being such a curious creature as she is. Sarrah sought out a venue to work at to see what it felt like. Now she has a place to call home, and people to call her family.

Kira Kokoro

Escort/Dancer/Photographer | He/Him | Any Sexuality | Viera!!! Bnuuy | Vip services: SFW & NSFW | Switch (Sub lean)

Limits: Scat and vore

Hii I am a bnuuy who loves headpats! I also love other stuff like snuggles and spicy snuggles! Also eggs!

Khalja Otkai

Nickname(s): Khal, Throat Goat

Co Owner | He/Him | Bisexual | Au’ra (xaela) | Vip services: SFW & NSFW | Switch. Masochistic Sub. Pleasure Dom. Service Top. Bratty Bottom.

Limits: Lalafel, Ageplay/Underaged, Incest, Scat, Piss, Birthing.

“I honestly think it's brave of me that every single day I wake up and I'm determined to look like a slut. Okay like- This Thong? My battle uniform. This fat? That's my armor okay? Braver than the troops. Who am I protecting? The Girlies. The Gays. All of my Babes. Okay? Like the united Eorzea of this pussy.”

Meztli O'Birish

Nickname(s): Mez, Mezzie

Head Bartender | She/her | Aura Raen | Bisexual | VIP services: SFW

Born in the town under the sea named Sui-no-Sato; Mezzie is a cheerful yet socially-awkward adventurer that likes cute or fluffy things and will try to hug or pet them; tends to speak too quiet or too fast making her feel bad for it even though tons of her friends say is fine but once as she serves drinks she will be focused on her job because she likes when people are satisfied with her drinks that she prepared.
She likes to walk on rainy days and she is willing to listen to her friends and give them some advice maybe it would not be the best one but she is happy to help!

Milk Daddy

Nickname(s): Milkman, Maddy

Escort | He/Him | Aura Raen | Bisexual | VIP services: NSFW | Dominant

Limits: Lalafel, Ageplay/Underaged, Incest, Scat, Piss, Birthing.

Brought to Uhdal at a young age, Maddy grew up quick to learn the ways of the merchant. By the time he reached adulthood he was a reputable business man within the city. When not behind a desk you can find him working at Devil’s Ambrosia. There he continues to assert his command in a sinful (and consensual) manner. Dominating, sadistic, and rough, he’s ready for any subs looking to be bound and obliterated in the bedroom. And if they behave? Then he’ll be sure to give them their daily dose of milk.

Aiko Redflame

Nickname(s): Princess (Even though she hates it), Kiwi, Demoness

Bartender/Bouncer | She/Her | Aura Xaela | Bicurious | VIP services: None

Twin sister of Echo, Aiko was also born in the void and grew up in the same village as him on the outskirts of Othard. She was always known for her kindness and helping others in the village even with tasks that seemed too small for the daughter of the village chief. She didn't care how minimal the task was as long as she was helping people and making them happy. Aiko was content with her little life but always strove to become stronger. She grew up sickly but this didn't stop her from training in secret from her father who forbid her from using any form of weapon. When their village was attacked and burnt down from imperials, she was forced to flee and become an adventurer which later finds out that she had become a warrior of light. Her brother, Echo was captured by the imperials and it became her goal to find him and save him while working with the scions. Once she managed to save Echo, she continued her fight as a warrior of light and works at her brothers venue to help whenever she can.

Ash Bievanc

Floater | He/him
| Viera'ra | Gay | VIP services: N/A

"My husband might play nice, but I sure as hell don't."

Yin Maraline

Nickname(s): Yinny

Dealer | She/her
| Viera | Pansexual | VIP services: SFW

Yin is a Viera who was born on the outskirts of Foundation. She ended up in the Slums however worked her way up by helping people in any way she could. She did anything from Volunteer work, to making sure that she could keep food on the table. But she always put others before herself which is one of her many red flags. Yin is known to have a heart of Gold but a temper as fierce as a red chocobo using meteor. One day she stumbled across venues, seeing the dancing and the lights and rooms full of people she knew that she wanted to become just like them. Outside of working she loves to wield her axe and hit things. Doesn't matter what but a nice tough enemy usually brings anticipation and glimmer to her eyes to the thought of taking something down tougher than her. She will always rise to the challenge and if you piss her off she's not afraid to tell you how she feels.She is always protective over the people she cares about and is not afraid to give you any relationship advise if need be, she has been in 42 relationships after all.

Ralynd Knight

~Nickname(s): Ra

Escort/Greeter | He/Them
| Viera | Bi | VIP services: SFW & NSFW

Limits: Needs to be discussed with them before.

Ralynd is someone who doesn’t like being known. Past and things are best kept a secret, mostly due to asking will shut him out so easily.
Aloof and cold, it takes a bit for him to open up. But don’t stop trying to talk to him. A good book recommendation and glass of bourbon will make him take a interest to you but watch out, teasing is the best past time for him once you are on his radar. So if you are more submissive he will enjoy you to the fullest while making you squirm.

Lilly Skydrake

Nickname(s): Lil

escort | She/Her (Futa)
| Miqo'te (Moon) (RP: Lion Faunus)| Pansexual | VIP services: NSFW | switch

Limits: Nonsexual fluids, Lalas, Cheating play, anything labeled No on F-list

Lilly is a Worldhopper from beyond the Source and its shards, sent here on her first mission to protect the lands from encroaching forces of evil. She's not quite sure why she was picked to be sent here, but she's doing her best to travel the lands of Hydaelyn doing as much good as she can. She's found friendship and love here, and wants to give all she can to protect it... but even heroes have needs sometimes, and when those needs can also earn you some cold hard Gil, why not indulge them a bit?
Lilly is happy to unwind at a venue like Devil's Ambrosia, and after a stressful day nothing feels better than giving into her impulses. She's a balanced Switch, meaning she needs both Dom and Sub experiences frequently; too much of either can leave her feeling restless, unfulfilled, and burnt out. She offers herself both as a female or a futanari (with human or feline dick!) in either role, and knows how to play quite a few different archetypes on both sides of the leash~

Yuri Sakai

Bouncer/Escort (Sometimes) | She/Her
| Au Ra Xaela | Pansexual | VIP services: Depends on the night (if not taking NSFW at the moment then please do not push it) | Submissive (Totally not a brat at all)

With little memories, Yuri has found herself under a marketboard in Uldah and unaware of how she got there. The last thing she remembers was running from the man that apparently wants to experiment on her. Why experiment you ask? Coming home one day from work, Yuri took a bit of a detour. She ran into a lady who seemed very kind and wanted to befriend her. The older woman, with clear mischief in her eyes, intrigued the curious Yuri. She followed the woman to her "home" which ended up being a home for vampires. Yuri attempted to run, but ended up being cornered. Yuri having spilled her guts about her family was now being blackmailed into becoming one of the Mistress's own. Yuri took the agreement and was turned that moment to save her family. Don't worry. You are in no danger of being killed. Yuri is sassy and may toy with you to get a little bit of gil, but she is kind hearted and will be more likely to kill for you rather than kill you. That is... unless you mess with someone she loves. Then it is fair game to who wins the power struggle between you both. Want a night of sass? She has you covered.

Limits: let's talk about it.

A'reyal Raha

Nickname(s): Reya , A're

Dancer | She/Her
| Sun Kitten | Bi | VIP services: SFW

Raised in a small fishing village near Costa del Sol. Left her village shortly after the calamity to make some gil to help her family out. Has done a number of things since she left in order to make a living, from an escort to to being a hired fighter. Her life outside of the village started off rough, but she has since been able to carve out a nice little life for herself and her family. She now lives with her girlfriend in a small house they purchased in Shirogane and spends her time dancing or traveling the world, although she still sometimes picks up some contracts to help some people or villages out.

Yani Asteris

Escort | She/Her
| Au Ra (Xaela) | Androsexual | VIP services: NSFW & SFW | Submissive, Middle, Brat, Masochist.

Limits: Scat, blood, race play, fluid play, vore, gore, incest

Yani was born in a continent far south from the continents of Eorzea, where all the people look as if they were dipped in bronze, their skin glistening with the sun, and the Xaela Royalty’s horns are etched with gold, with their hair a beautiful ivory to contrast their dark skin. They have their own religion, customs, languages, and their land has thrived for thousands of years. Yani was born a royal with a special gift, to which the people of her land deemed her a demigoddess, claiming that she was born with the soul of their patron goddess, Axsteria, the goddess of creation. Because of this, she was named the crowned princess of the land, and was given a heavy burden at a young age, as she believed she could never tap into that hidden power everyone saw in her. After she became of age, she traveled to Eorzea, itching and yearning for something new, embarking on a new journey for herself to learn and grow as a person. Now she has fully tapped into that power, which caused her pupils to go white and her eyesight to fade, only allowing her to see the Aether of living things.

Nein Wun

Nickname(s): 9, Mr. 1, No One

Dealer | He/Him
| Miqo'te | Moneysexual | VIP services: SFW

A Corruption of the words "No One", Nein Wun is a title rather than an actual name, this self-proclaimed "Mystel" is the most recent one to inherit the title of Nein Wun after renouncing his former name and life. Impulsive, Indifferent and Unpredictable, it's unclear what responsibilities inheriting the title of Nein Wun entail or if it's just a wild tale he spun together, nothing in recorded history makes any reference to "Nein Wun", Judging by his eccentric demeanor, his story should be taken with a grain of salt."Nothing matters, so lets just treat everything like a fun game?" - Nein Wun -

Jagged Scaleborn

Head Gamba | He/Him
| Au Ra | Straight | VIP services: Sfw

Likes: Meeting new people, Whiskeys of all sorts, dressing nicely, learning of the lands, exploring, making Gil, collecting weapons and interesting items, teasing friends and co-workers and making others happy.
Dislikes: Rude people, fetch questing and being underestimated.
History:  Being new to Eorzea, Jagged is still learning the ways of the land and it's people. Very quickly he found the night scenes entertaining with all sorts of interesting music, people and drinks! Loving the company and the environment he sought out a side job. Aside from his night job he enjoys nothing more than exploring these new lands. In his time before coming to Eorzea, Jagged came from a long line of merchants and very quickly found ways to make a living. He's always down for a chat with new people in hopes of learning more about his new home.

Yuki Arashi

Nickname(s): Snow (Due to his snow white hair.)

Escort/Dancer/Greeter | He/Him
| Miqote | Pansexual | VIP services: SFW & NSFW | Full Switch/ Vers

Limits/Not willing to do: Scat, Lalafel, Underage, Vore, Animals, Incest.

Yuki is a Viera who was born and raised in Kugane. He ended up working at his parents eatery as he grew up into adulthood. Then he began to get more curious of things and ended up finding himself in the red light district of Kugane. He grew fascinated with all the things he saw, and ended up giving that job a try. Yuki found he loved entertaining people, and the night life. Placing smiles on faces of all those who came to him.
This lasted for a time, until he decided to branch out and see what other places and venues had to offer until he opened his own. As time went by he decided it was a good chance to close his place down, and get back out there, entertaining people the way he enjoyed.
He is very kind and caring, though tends to get a little shy around large groups of people. One on one, though, he can be a bit like a coin, one side submissive, yearning to please and be controlled, and the other more dominant, enjoying watching people squirm until they beg for more.

Lyndria Holdrin

Nickname(s): Lyn, Lynd

Greeter/Bard/Bouncer or Flex | She/her
| Unknown Race (Appearance: Au'ra Raen) | Pansexual | VIP services: Sfw

Little is known about her past or where she came from.. being considered at first sight as a Sin Eater because of her appearance, Lyndria was found yet as a child on the mountains of the Far Eastern villages of Yanxia by the Doman Enclaive residents. Despite suspicions, the little pale skin Au'ra wasn't a threat and soon proved to be talented, at the point of the local leaders took the decision of send her to Kugane, where she was trained as Samurai. There, she learned and raised up into the culture of the eastern lands, which explains her pacific spirit of being. Then as an adult, Lyndria felt somekind of loneliness, despite having gained respect and recognition, she felt she didn't belong to that place, like a stranger and a strange land. So she made the choice of venture around the world. As she had already completed her training and even received her post in the Enclaive, she decided to leave for Eorzea in search of a purpose. There are tales on some places in the world about a Pale Wanderer, being the most famous one that tells of a mysterious bard of pale skin who loves music and plays in the cities as an way to win gil as well as being a good listener of deep histories. Until one day, she was invited to work in venues, where she started as a bard and then with other jobs, as Greeter. Now being known as Lyn, although she was shy and very reserved, it was there she meets someone who would soon end up being her north star. A gorgeous wild lioness, who guides her on this world, not long after becoming her love. By that, she could see from the many experiencies of the past before, there could be always a light, a hope, of somewhere to belong. From that, she joined the place which would afterwards become Devil's Ambrosia, where she achieved her place in the home with great friends and her twin soul.Stranger Note: Be aware of her watchful eyes. If you ever feel the cold presence of someone taking your crosshairs, you know you deserved this hauntiful feeling.
Such look carries a mystery, which who knows wouldn't dare to review. Don't dare to look crooked at her. Or... the unknown will keep an eye on you.

Leliana Estomniel

Nickname(s): Leli

Bartender | She/her
| Aura Xaela | Hetero-Flexible | VIP services: n/a

Ever since she was little, Leliana has always wanted to explore the world and protect all who are in need; no matter the need. Through her adventures, she moved on through towns and villages helping at businesses doing what ever she could. If you are in need of a good bartender, a friendly hostess, a kind ear to listen, or someone to love on, Leliana is your girl!

Aristai Sorrow

Nickname(s): Ari

bouncer | She/her | Hyur - Midlander | VIP services: n/a

Bastard child of a garlean refugee and a crazy witch, Aristai learned all her dads engineering talent while caring for what little life remained for him after the villagers resorted to torches and pitchforks to solve the missing virgin issue. Devoted to rebuilding her ancestral hometown, she's currently employed as a bodyguard for the wealthy across all of Eorzia. Spending what she doesn't send back in shady clubs and dive bars, she's finally seizing the opportunity to turn her bad habits into another earnings opportunity.